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(02/16/2022) How Regulation F Changed Legal Collections

When it comes to legal collections, agencies can often be held liable for a mistake made by the collection law firms that retain, including FDCPA violations.

On top of the legal exposure, your recovery will also suffer if those law firms are not complying with the law. Surprisingly, many well-established collection firms still do not appreciate how Regulation F applies to them.

This creates a need to monitor and manage your collection firms like never before, which begs the following question: “is my collection firm complying with Regulation F?” This session will answer that question by addressing the biggest ways Regulation F altered (or should have altered) the procedures of collection firm and how it changed the information you should provide your collection firms at time of placement.


Dennis J. Barton
Barton Law Group, LLC
Chesterfield, MO

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(02/16/2022) How Regulation F Changed Legal Collections

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