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ISO How AI, Reg-F and Intelligent Chatbots Have Transformed Collection Software

After 30 years of automation, complex new requirements and generational changes in technology, thinking, and key management are rapidly reshaping a traditional industry. With Regulation-F, the challenges of compliance requirements, and new lawsuits, the industry has seen an abundance of webinars on these topics. What has been missing are innovative, systemic solutions for an evolving industry and practical, objective direction on Artificial Intelligence in collection platforms.

Software is the at center of all your operations. It works with people other technology solutions, keeping you productive, efficient, and safe. Quantrax, who have made education and technology innovation a priority, will share a 30-year journey with AI (that is not hype) that has grown into over 35 states and Canada serving in small and substantially large operations. Quantrax believes that it is the right time to share their knowledge and experience in a period of concern, misinformation, and many unanswered questions about the future of aging collection platforms that drive the majority of ARM operations.

Quantrax invites you to join a panel of execution-focused new faces for an informative discussion that will share many examples of the successful application of AI in the collection industry. Powerful Reg-F solutions, intelligent chatbots, and integrated 2-way text messaging – Are you ready for the changes that are coming? Do not miss this session which will share new material that has never been presented and will demystify the complex challenges for modern collection technology.



Delight Kasserman
David Byrne
Ranjan Dharmaraja
Kelli Kreuger 

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