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(08/25/2021) ACA’s CFPB Spotlight for Creditors Cont. Everything You Need to Know about Document

As creditors and their ARM business and service providers prepare for the Reg F effective date of November 30, 2021, interesting questions arise about the documentation and retention requirements and standards those new federal regulations impose. It will be critical for Reg F compliance to assure that documentation that evidences your compliance (and potentially non-compliance) is developed and preserved for three or more years. So now is a great time for creditors to map out any expectations they have for documentation collection agencies should prepare and any retention requirements for documentation and other artifacts of compliance (e.g., call recordings). This webinar designed for the creditor perspective explores the Reg F documentation and retention expectations and offers practical guidance for navigating those requirements.


  • Leslie BenderSenior Counsel, Clark Hill PLC

  • John BedardOwner, Bedard Law Group, P.C.

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