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(06/09/2021) Obtaining Higher Collections and High Commission Through Improved Efficiency

As a collector, you're probably doing way too many non-productive and non-revenue generating activities in your day. This session will give you tips and tricks to improve efficiency to produce higher collections and higher commissions for you. If you're a collector and thinking, what should I be doing differently in my day, this is your chance to learn and improve your productivity and effectiveness. The panelists are experienced collections professionals who work very closely with collectors as part of their job. They will be talking about various ways in which collectors can leverage technology to everyone's benefit.


  • Abhishek AdigaProduct Manager, Prodigal

  • Nick KeithIT Operations Manager, Rash Curtis & Associates

  • Kelli KruegerEducation Director, ACA International

  • Patricia LawrenceQA Manager, Sequium Asset Solutions

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