ACA's Guide to State Collection Laws & Practices Cohort

Save yourself time and trouble with ACA's Guide to State Collection Laws & Practices Cohort, and collect within state laws quickly and efficiently.

This program provides a comprehensive monthly summary of the laws and regulations that apply to collection practices and also provides access to state information such as:

  • Interstate Collections
  • First Party Collections
  • Commercial Collections
  • Attorney Licensing
  • Purchaser Licensing
  • Garnishment
  • Right of Assignment
  • Adding Fees
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Automated Dialing and Announcing Devices (ADADs)
  • Contact/Fee Information
  • Additional Resources

The state sections also cover:

  • Licensing or registration.
  • Bond requirements.
  • Trust accounts.
  • Statutory regulatory requirements.
  • Debt responsibilities.
  • Resident office requirements.
  • Requirement for communications.
  • Exemption for out-of-state agencies or others.
  • Legal age.
  • Statutes of limitation for civil actions.

Also included is a monthly webinar, Hub discussion group and articles exclusive to State Guide subscribers.