(01/25/2022) Hiring in Today's World

(01/25/2022) Hiring in Today's World


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Published: 1/25/2022 12:00:00 AM

You are not alone, we are seeing companies post job openings in record numbers, but applicant activity is at record lows. It’s apparent that the labor market is now sick with the virus, affecting both supply and demand. HR recruiters in the ARM Industry share with you what they learning as they work through this ever-growing issue. Discussion points: 

Discussion points:

1. What’s the future of recruiting look like?

2. Should you change your quality expectations?

3. What are some unconventional solutions to finding candidates?

4. What can companies do to attract workers?

5. What applicants are telling us?


Barbara Findley
Manager of Recruiting
CBE Companies, Inc.

Judy Gray
Chief HR Officer
State Collection Service, Inc.