(03/22/2022) Getting The Biggest Bang for Your Marketing & Sales Dollars

(03/22/2022) Getting The Biggest Bang for Your Marketing & Sales Dollars


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Published: 3/22/2022 12:00:00 AM

Good marketing and sales tools can be expensive. This session will discuss how to get the biggest bang for your buck with your marketing and sales-related dollars. We will talk about how to start with the least expensive and most effective marketing tools on both the digital and traditional fronts and grow your opportunities from there.

This discussion will include a deep dive into online tools and strategies you can use to improve the brand position of your organization and details on how to evaluate physical marketing and branding opportunities such as sponsorships, trade show booths, and other real-world opportunities to get your business noticed.

This discussion will be led by receivables marketing veteran Adam Parks, CEO of the Branding Arc marketing firm sharing his thoughts and experiences through almost 20 years of experience working for collection agencies, debt buyers, law firms, and creditors. 


Adam Parks
Branding Arc
Port Saint Lucie, FL