Data Reporting: Compliance & Operational Metrics

Data Reporting: Compliance & Operational Metrics


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Published: 7/27/2022

Agencies have access to millions of data points of consumer behavior.  Do you wish you knew how to wade through that ocean of information to identify important metrics?  This Hot Topic SERIES will do just that for you. 

John Bedard, Owner of Bedard Law Group, PC, and Jeremy Nixon, Owner of Rockbridge Consulting, LLC, will embark on a four-part series to do a deep dive into how you can become more efficient with that data to make strategic decisions.  Each session of this series will continue to dig further down the rabbit hole on compliance & operations metrics, and decision-making.

By the end of the series, you will have firm ideas full of possibilities on how you can use the data to maximize your performance and minimize litigation risk.

John H. Bedard
Bedard Law Group, P.C.
Duluth, GA

Jeremy Nixon
Rockbridge Consulting, LLC
Cedar Falls, IA