(05/19/2022) State Specifics for Collectors 2

(05/19/2022) State Specifics for Collectors 2


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Published: 5/19/2022 12:00:00 AM

This is a quarterly event. There is so much collectors need to remember and fully understand when taking a collection call and state laws are at the top of the list. In addition, it feels like every state has their own law making it more difficult to keep track of it all. This quarterly series “State Laws for Collectors” will help elevate the confusion and help trainers, compliance officers and collectors in the ARM industry gain a better understanding of the most important state “can and can nots ” and remain compliant on every call, no matter consumer location.

If you're an ops leader, in compliance, a trainer or a collector this session is a MUST ATTEND.

Starting February 17th at 2Pm Central Nick Prola along with Stefanie Jackman will provide an overview of the top #10 states collectors need to be aware of and why compliance is crucial to the success of the agency.

Then every quarter after Nick Prola, Stefanie Jackman and Abigail Pressler explore what’s new regarding state laws and what’s coming up.


Stefanie Jackman
Troutman Pepper
Atlanta, GA

Abigail Pressler
NCB Management Services, Inc.
Trevose, PA

Nicholas Prola 
Professional Finance Company, Inc.
Greeley, CO