ISO: Why Your Consumers Prefer Digital Communications

ISO: Why Your Consumers Prefer Digital Communications


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Published: 12/13/2022

Chateau Wright and Justin Miller of Vital Solutions have been part of many digitization efforts in collection organizations both in the US and Europe. They have just completed an internal journey to create what they refer to as a “Digital First” collection strategy. In this webinar, they will be discussing the impact of digitization on their organization, including sharing real-world numbers. Additionally, they will be sharing three reasons why Consumers love it, three reasons why you should too, and three unintended consequences, that they never expected. Here is additional information to look forward to:

  • Explore a new avenue of fast-paced customer communication
  • Better cater to customer needs and changing expectations
  • Strengthen your CXM strategy with digital customer communication
  • Reduce customer wait time and other factors that lead to customer distress
  • Ensure a seamless CX delivery across all channels with the right blend of technology and human connect
  • Get ready to deliver a greater customer satisfaction and gain higher customer loyalty