Unlock the Secret to Developing Confident Top Performing Collectors

Unlock the Secret to Developing Confident Top Performing Collectors


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Published: 11/14/2022

This presentation will show how trainers can assign new hires and underperforming tenured collectors hyper-realistic simulations of high-impact scenarios that collectors face with live customers. For example, trainers assign RFD simulations such as Lost Job, Medical, and Divorce, where collectors master soft skills and best practices to help customers through these challenging hardships, before speaking with a live customer.

1. Learn how to develop confident top-performing new hires before their first live call by allowing collectors to practice life-like high impact scenarios, while receiving in-the-moment best practice feedback, from home and office.

2. Learn how to turn the bottom 50% of collectors into top performers by assigning targeted immersion stories, allowing collectors to close individual skill gaps and return to the floor proficient in critical skills they previously struggled with.

3. Learn how to remove collector compliance anxiety and eliminate errors by allowing collectors to master compliance requirements through hands-on practice before speaking with a live customer.

4. Learn how to build and deploy AI Conversation Simulation with no personal or account information and no IT integration for pilot or enterprise rollout.

You will learn how to leverage this leading AI technology to scale top-performing collectors delivering industry-leading KPIs.

Holly K. Gagnard

Zenarate, Inc
Palo Alto, CA